The Lore Contest

The team had a Great & Tough time judging the storyline was written by the community members, each one of them gave us different emotions, they're all amazing. It's really moving for us to see the art we create come to life.

Community Entries

The moss was soft against her skin, it felt cool. Almost like it was damp. The whispers of the night-time air darted past her face, like fish skating across a pond.
Beneath the forest canopy under an obsidian sky, she began to stir from what felt like had been the briefest of naps, not remembering how she’d ended up deep in the heart of the forest.  
Reaching up to her face she felt something covering hereyes. It wasn’t just the darkness of the night that was blinding her. The surface was smooth and hard, with a protrusion emanating from the centre - atengu mask! Who would tie such a thing on to her face?

Desperately she clawed at the back of her head, fingers fumbling and trembling, searching for a way to untie the mask. It was firmly fixed in place.
Frustrated and frightened, she slammed her fists down by her side. Arching her back in terror and thrashing around on the soft forest floor.Desperately reaching out she feels something metallic and icy cold.

It jangles musically in the quiet night as she seizes the kuro shakujou, pushing the end of the staff down into the soil she pulls herself to her feet. For a moment she stands there still in the deathly silent night. Her Mankai kimono dancing gently in the breeze caressing her arms and ankles.
It begins to come back to her.
The last walk she took through the forest. Up the winding path through the hills until she reached the cliffs. She remembers the pain she’d been in. The hurt in her life that meant she had no choice but to make this final trip.
Gazing down at the rocks below and the crashing waves she hadn’t felt any fear. She no longer felt sad. In fact, she felt nothing at all. She didn’t remember making the decision to jump, nor did she remember falling, just feeling free.

Then. Darkness.
Understanding now she was transformed, yet not reborn, the Yurei stood there motionless, before softly gliding without footsteps back down the forest path to the village from where she’d lived her entire life.
Something was drawing her home.

It would seem the torment she’d faced in life, would call her back, in death.


The village was almost in sight now, not that she could see it. An eerie fog had started to drift from among the trees. Most people would have felt a sense of foreboding but strangely she didn’t feel anything, but was aware of the super natural aura that was building.
The haze from the streetlights hung in the mist. They didn’t shimmer like stars in the sky, their light was, unnatural and burnt ceaselessly in the thick foggy air.
Yet it wasn’t the light that drew her to the village. In fact, being blind perplexed her as to how she could find her way to a place she knew so well. The tengu mask seemed symbolic, yet left her unable to see. What did it mean? Perhaps she would find the answers amongst the streets and alleys of the village.
Despite the darkness behind the mask. She could tell it was the dead of night. The village had only felt this way from the nights she had snuck out of her room as a teenager. Those nights she’d fled from her room, constrained by the duties of her family and school work, she’d felt uncomfortable constricted, trapped and suffocated. She needed to be free.
Was this the freedom she’d yearned for? She didn’t feel free. Why had she returned to the place that had placed her in such shackles? Mournfully she cried out into the night. Body draped in the street, crumpled like a discarded napkin on the table of a banquet she appeared destitute.
Minutes passed as she shrunk smaller and smaller toward the ground without actually touching it. Her Aurora grew the more she recoiled, this place had brought her so much torment, hurt and apathy. She would have her vengeance.
A light began to burn deep inside her, swelling, rolling and cascading until she was thrust upwards, head tilted back, mouth open and and hands thrown down, fingers spread like twigs on a dying branch.

She’d begun to realise her power and considered who should witness it first…

‘These people are hurting themselves’ though Oiwa. “They need help, I cannot let them suffer anymore, but how am I supposed to do this all by myself? My dear, where are you when I need you the most?”. Heavy thoughts were going through her mind,  but she knew, she is not alone. Something was not right, there was this unnamed feeling, which grabbed and choked her. Unwilling to leave, reminder her each time that indeed,  she is not alone. Creeping into her essence , laying down judgement. Confusion flood through her, because the numbness to feel anything would made her feel like a ghost but at the same time, the presence of something was still affecting her, being hostage of this nameless feeling. Oiwa was brave and knew there is always a light at  the end of the tunnel. But was not naïve and knew, that the light is indeed there, as long as you are still in the tunnel…

There was no time left to wait and analyze, deeds need to be done, time was not on her side. “Time” she thought, “why am I not able to perceive time, what happened to time? Do people suddenly stopped using time?”. Everything was so strange, the world as she knew was different, but Oiwa couldn’t tell what is really going on. Every time she opened her eyes, it was dark, as if someone permanently turned off the sun.  The time was unreadable, but somehow she knew, when was the right time to wake up and when to sleep. But sleeping never occurred. As the feeling of being tired was suddenly not there anymore, never hunger, never prosper. Now the candle burned at both ends.
Instead of sleeping, she just closed her eyes, out of habit that was very well known to her. Every time she would do so, in the mists of pure darkness,  the white magician in the black suit would walk through the door and stood in front of her. On most occasions, nothing happened. As if time would stop and perception of space would not exist. They were just ‘there’.  But every now a then a strange ‘dream’ would repeat. A second man suddenly walked through another door. It was the black magician in a white suit. He came to ask the white magician for help. “There was a king, whose last days were coming closer” said the black magician, “he wanted to be buried in the grave of the maiden. The order to dig up the grave and remove the corpse was given. As soon as the corpse was uncovered, the bones transformed into a black horse. I went searching for that horse. The marks were leading me to the great desert, which I had to cross. At the other side, I found the horse with the keys.”  After this dialog, they both would look into her eyes and the scene was gone. She immediately opened her eyes and began the ritual.

Her action were then suddenly ruled by Yin, by the second animal of the twelve, under the element of Earth….


Her action were then suddenly ruled by Yin, by the second animal of the twelve, under the element of Earth. Not being aware of the presence near her, it took her to an unholy place. She fell far from grace, wandering through the abyss of her well-hidden inner pain. Neglected emotions leading the way. Trying to keep her eyes open, realizing that the colors and forms were getting harder to stomach.  Her  fire was getting colder, the air was thinner, it was like a trance, they were getting closer and closer.  Chaotic waters invaded the surrounding space around Oiwa, she was feeling the calling to reunite with them again. The ones  who accompanied us through different realms of life, staying hidden lurking beneath the sea. As soon as they, the older ones, would summoned her over to join them, to the dance of the dead, it felt like a liberation for Oiwa. She danced and sang with them, feeling whole again. The pain and the suffering were gone. She felt like a living soul again. Liberated, finding herself on the higher grounds, she could finally see them, looming out of the darkness. Bury these vultures of the past, embrace the suffering and destroy the guilt. The spirits expanded her life force and put her where she belonged, she found the long forgotten strength to fight.
But the time came and she had to reunite, come back to her form again. Having no sense if she is dead or alive, the link appeared and pulled her back from this dance of the dead. Fear struck her suddenly, these dark memories started appearing. It was, as if she would experience the living world again but through the eyes of someone else. It was strange, she could feel a deep connection to the person, it was her lover. As if she was a part of him, but not being able to be with him. And through his eyes, she would witness the suffering and murders done by him. She couldn’t understand why, why would he do this.

Little did she know, that she was the one executing these deeds, possessing and haunting her lover to provide justice for her spirit, free her from the realm of the dead and finally release her. After being trapped for long years, with no proper rituals taking place by her family to properly release her peacefully, she turned into a Yurei and began haunting her lover.
It was the perfect night to carry out the perfect job.
The last one ever. The one that would free her from all debt. That one last... task she needed to carry out so that she could take back what was hers.
This realisation made Tsubaki wistful, a little sentimental even. Who would've thought that the Kao no Nai could actually have these types of emotions when they were nothing more than efficient little machines of death? Gracefully & mercilessly orchestrating the last breaths of hundreds by the time others of their age were well into starting families & contributing to the cycle of life.
subaki specifically earned her nickname because of her trademark move of beheading a target with one clean sweep of her tachi whilst astride her magnificent black stallion, a beautiful ending to her eloquent Shi no Odori.
The Kao no Nai typically sent away their assassins after they reached the age of five years and a score, but Tsubaki could leave twelve moons earlier due to her exceptional body count.
She was known as the most ruthless and competent Kage no Ayatsuri Ningyō that the Kao no Nai had. There were different factions under the Kao no Nai, but the Kage no Ayatsuri Ningyō were the ones who saw to the decisive demise of whoever their clients deemed a prey. At a suitable price, of course.
Tying up the black obijime around her obi, Tsubaki was humming tunelessly to herself when she felt a presence behind her. She grabbed and held her tachi, Saigo no Kisu, above her just as a katana came whistling down right above where the back of her head was moments ago.
Giggling as both blades sang and were sheathed, Tsubaki was knocked back onto her heels by her friend, Kiku hugging her tight. Kiku was graduating alongside her, coming in second to her in terms of skills and..... objectives achieved.
Kiku was frequently referred to as such due to her albinism, which had been a huge disadvantage for her as a child. Tsubaki, despite having one foot shorter than the other, always defended Kiku from bullies, up until the day she witnessed Kiku tie a white cloth around her eyes and take down several boys twice her size in a back alley. She knew from then on that her friend would never need her elsewhere but by her side.
The white blindfold stayed with Kiku who operated with a katana, needing to rely on her other senses to carry out her jobs. Kiku had this unusual way of paying her respects to those she slew by bowing deeply & saying, "Thank you for helping me survive." She reasoned that without these people, they would have no jobs and therefore no way to make a living. Tsubaki saw it happen on their team assignments and she shrugged it off. She never felt like others deserved respect, respect that she never received when she was younger. Why should she care for them when none but Kiku cared for her?
Lost in her reverie, Tsubaki was pulled back to the present by Kiku cheerfully whispering in her ear, "It's almost time. It's almost over." For as long as they had known each other, both of them had wanted to simply survive, and after being found by the Kao no Nai, to repay them and leave. And now, it was finally their chance. What a coincidence that their last stint was one they would work on together.
Limping outside to where her beloved horse Kurai no Arashi (or Kuro~chan) was, Tsubaki seated herself in one fluid movement and extended her left forearm out to Kiku. Her eyes locked onto the small higanbana tattoo, the mark of the Kage no Ayatsuri Ningyō, as an ominous feeling suddenly flooded her heart, but she brushed it away as Kiku reached out to swing onto the horse.
They left the minka which the Kao no Nai let them use as living quarters, the now lonely-looking genkan dwindling in the distance as Tsubaki looked forward
The outskirts of Mito were especially quiet, dead silent even, at this hour of the night. Tsubaki had memorised the map leading towards the Edojō where their duty was taking them, even muttering it under her breath to Kiku when a shadow behind a cherry tree seemed to move. Unsheathing Saigo no Kisu, Tsubaki was just preparing to approach the tree when she felt an unmistakable heat on the just on the top of her head as the scent of burning filled the air. Kiku had also begun screaming right in her ear as innumerable shadows deeper than their deeds materialised all around them, surrounding a panicking Kuro~chan who was neighing and kicking at everything it could reach.
Tsubaki tried to turn to Kiku while slapping vigorously at her head but it was too late, the searing fire had reduced even her upper face to charred flesh as the events finally sank in with the pain of the burning. THE KAO NO NAI WERE MURDERING THEM!
Tsubaki fell off her steed and crawled pathetically in the dust, opening & closing the palm of her hands towards Kiku who was being dragged backwards by her hair, writhing in anger & fear. Smoke had begun rising as Tsubaki managed to slump against the hapless cherry tree, condemning it to nothing but ashes in the morning as well. With her eyelids melting into the warm, salty tears in her eyes, Tsubaki still tried to croak in protest with her last vision being Kiku gurgling, throat cut by the very same katana she wielded on the very same night they were both to be set free. Kuro~chan's blood mingled with Kiku's into a deep pool of red at Tsubaki's feet, her last breath dragging and  heavy with hatred and despair.

25th of July, 1869: Boshin Sensō

She awakened, and everything was tinted red. But she did not know that this was not normal. She had only been become conscious now. Or had she?
The odour of meat roasting, a pale white woman screaming and reaching towards her while being dragged away. A majestic black stallion falling onto its side whilst being stabbed by what seemed an endless onslaught of shadows, silver flashing in & painted a deep red afterwards.
Her head hurt as she crouched over, hands scrambling towards her face when she touched smooth, sharp fangs instead. Turning towards the puddle exceptionally deeper and redder than her surroundings, she found that she had no eyes. But she didn't know it wasn't how it was supposed to be, how was she to know? Her vision was blurry, but the rest of her senses were perceptive. A little too sharp even, others would say.
Attempting to push up onto her legs, she stumbled backwards into a tree. Her feet were uneven, she was lame. Beside her, however, was a slim golden rod. It was a thing of absolute beauty, and as she used it to support herself into a standing position, something whispered in her ear. It felt strange to her, as if it was not herself. But it also felt familiar, like family, like home.
Hobbling down from where she woke up, she spied what seemed to be a.... skeletal horse? It surely wasn't galloping towards her, was it? But it was, and as it came closer and closer-- her head ached as if it was splitting and her vision of the horse changed. It was as dark as sin and as luxurious as a shogun's silks. But it was also fiercely loyal.
Who... or what was this creature?

It cantered right up to her and nudged what was supposed to be its nose into her shoulder before nodding its skull towards its back. Was it asking her to ride it?
With nothing else to go on, but this-- she crawled onto its spine with much difficulty whereupon it turned around and started back towards the way it came, carrying her and perhaps a thousand questions in her head about who she was and what she was supposed to be doing now.
As it trotted slowly and gently, bits of her memory came back to her in violent flashes. The brutal end she met at the hands of those who would use her and cast her aside, they slew Kuro~chan-- who found a way back to her. And murdered Kiku right in front of her, as she lay dying. But Kiku, Kiku was in her ear, wasn't she? And it was Kiku who brought her into this cursed existence of a half-life, whatever this was.
As the wind rustled her hair in the calmness of the night, Tsubaki's purpose became clearer and clearer. Almost until it was painfully too clear.

Find them, find the Kao no Nai and exact payment. As she did in life, so she will in death.

Mum, I felt dark.
Mum, I'm sorry. I couldn't live with that.
Sometimes you just don't fit with who you are. Who you should be.
When all is lost, how you feel alive again?
Mum you were strong, but my demons stronger then me.
I'm sorry you have to cry your daughter.

I'm sorry I will not be there to see your beautiful smile on my birthdays, I remember you were so proud everytime candles were light up in front of me.

I couldn't.

I missed so much freedom, maybe I never had it. If not in that last moment, breathing in and out all my rage, all my blood.

Mum, please. I know you will never understand me but this is not your fault.
It is all on me.
It was all dark, now I see flames at every step I take. Hell is beautiful, it is just right for my soul. I wander the woods in the darkness of the night, my demons cry with me.
I never felt so free.
Mum, I chose death because death was for me the only way out. Or maybe in.
I felt your love but it was always too much for me. Thank you.
Sometimes you have to die, to be freed from your cage. I needed that.
I will never forgive myself for you, but I will survive that now.
"To die, is nothing new under this sun" some Russian poet said before doing the final act.

I love you. Mum.

In the darkness, now, I breath.
Sayuri was singing all the way to the lake. The cobblestone floor of the village was puddled from last night's storm. When she left the village behind her, she rolled up her kimono the way her mother taught her to so she wouldn’t stain it like she used to. Next, she adjusted her daishō the best she could, because no one had taught her to. The song her brother sang to her as a child was the only sound the wind brought back among the sound of rocked trees.
Her grandfather told her endless stories about the Underworld when Sayuri was just 5 years old, stories of how the Yurei spent their days wandering through it. Her grandmother always told her how she was a little Oni like the ones that used to live in the Underworld because she was always running around and laughing.
“Sayuri, if you don't learn to behave like a lady, you will end up becoming an Oni like the ones scaring you in your grandfather's stories.” Those were the last words her grandmother had said to her before she reached the Underworld. Weeks had already passed by, but the Underworld was not the place her grandfather talked her about.
The Underworld was not a ruthless place with evil creatures tormenting you. Instead, it was a silent place. An empty place; empty of people, animals and colors. A gray, black and white place. A place where the colors of the familiar tomoe repeated themselves in impossible patterns. One day the trees had black leaves and the day after they had turned white. The water created mirages with its reflection, creating a repertoire of illusions in which she saw the different stages of the moon passing by. It was like a constant nightmare and the reason why Sayuri was crying inconsolably for the first few days.
Her only memory of the day she arrived into the Underworld was her running towards the lake shouting and laughing of joy because it was her birthday and her father had promised to teach her how to clean his katana. The ground was covered with puddles she stepped on as she walked by and, when she looked down to check if she had stained her kimono again, she saw a blue mask looking at her from the other side of the puddle.
Frightened, she jumped back and tried to turn around but, when she landed, she twisted her ankle and fell to the ground on her knees. In front of her a reflection emerged from the nearest puddle. The figure of a girl of the same height as Sayuri stood in front of her and reached for her blue mask. She delicately removed her mask and let Sayuri see her pale face.
Her eyes were completely white and in the place where her pupils should have been was the gray tomoe of Sayuri’s family. The girl was an identical copy of Sayuri except for her eyes. Sayuri's eyes were cobalt blue, meanwhile the reflection in front of her was devoid of any color save for her mask...which was also cobalt in

“You were... me.”-said the reflection. Then, she dropped the mask, which shattered as it hit the cobbled ground. The sound of the mask shattering followed the sound of the water hitting the shore where Sayuri suddenly appeared. Death was a recurring theme in the stories her grandfather had told Sayuri, but no one had ever told her how her story began.
When Sayuri arrived at the lake, she observed how the reflection of the water insisted on showing her the image of that girl instead of her own reflection. She always saw her blue mask instead of her cobalt eyes.

However the water was strangely calm this morning. Suddenly, the shouts of a girl running began to be heard... on the other side of the water. Sayuri stared petrified at the reflection of that cheerful girl: she was wearing the same kimono her mother had given to her as her birthday gift.

Chapter 1:Born.

"I love you my only daughter, hope you grow healthy and happy, we will always be with you." Shizuka always remember those words, even though she never really met her parents.


Shizuka really grow to be a healthy and happy girl like what her parents always wanted. She loves to play with other boys and girls in her village. She's born really strong, she walks at the age of 6 months. Strong feet indeed. There's one boy that Shizuka always love to play with, his name is Endo, they always play together from her young age. They are always always together.


"I love you, Shizuka." Endo confessed. It was Shizuka's 17th birthday, and they become lovers. Endo is the only man he knows, the only man that took care of her. Shizuka love Endo and rely on her life to Endo. They're getting married at the age of 25.


"Is this how it feels to have another life on my belly?" Shizuka asks to herself. She loves her baby very much, she eats a lot of food so her baby will be healthy and happy. Whenever she eats, babies kicking her belly. Means that babies love the food. So Shizuka eat more food that baby likes. 
"Love you my baby, hope you grow healthy and happy, nothing more. No Need to make daddy and mommy proud, just be happy." Shizuka always sing this song she made everyday.

Chapter 2:Death

Endo's birthday is today! Y'all! Let's go party and drink a lot of sakes! "They said too much sake won't kill you!" and They partied all night. Endo forgot her wife is around 9 months pregnant.Shizuka is worried Endo's haven't got home yet, so she walks to the bar that Endo usually go.
On the way to Endo, Shizuka felt like someone is following her.


"NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! PLEASE NO! NO!!!!!!" Shizuka shouted. But, all she can see is pastel colored space. She checked on her belly, and it was flat. No signs of baby."WHERE IS MY BABY?!" She's shouting in anger, her voice turned to be heavy and cutting deep through the ears if anyone listened to her.
Shizuka's hair turned silver. Her eyes turned red. She looks really scary, all of the sudden everything turns into red, anger is inside her, and she can't control it. She's lost.
"I don't want to be here, I have to look for my baby." She cries.
The Guardian listened to her cries, and opened the gate for her to find her baby, The Guardian said
"You don't want to see your baby with that scary face, here's a Kitsune mask and katanas for you to defend yourself from The Hunter."

Now, Shizuka is still haunting for her killer and looking for her baby.
I was spirited away.
Not sure why.
Not sure where.
Not sure  when.
I remember it vaguely, a feint familiar scent, blurred faces and nostalgic scene everytime I close my eyes.

The sound of tiny bells chimed behind my back. I opened my eyes, and hid my face under my black Kitsune mask.

A mask with gold lines, mending the visibly broken pieces that builds the mask's frame.
"It's time." She said with a calm voice, reassuring but with a hint of sadness.
A bittersweet smile.
I stood up, held my Katanas and nodded.
I, a Yurei of the Kitsune clan, am tasked to guide a lost soul. Broken by the physical world, abused by power and humans who know no better.
Maybe that's why I was spirited away.
Who knows.

Chapter 01. - Spirit Land

Yusuke walks in silence, with his weary eyes wide open - it has been a few days of restless walk for him. Strangely he feels no pain, no exhaustion.. in fact he feels nothing but a deep emptiness.

 His mind races with each heavy step he takes.

“What’s the deal with this place?”
“I’ve walked for hours and hours and I’m losing sense of time”
The blood moon shines brightly, the reddish light peering through the branches of tall trees around him. 

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather.. someone.
Yusuke gulps. It’s the first person he’s seen since he got here.

“Hello sir..”
Before he can finish his sentence, he can see a male in oni mask running towards him - ready to strike with his katanas. He freezes and trembles, his thoughts are racing in confusion.

He still has not finished processing all these sudden surprises when another man rushes out of nowhere to push him few meters away.
Yusuke falls to the ground and looks up

“shut your mouth and get up, we have no time” the man whispers.“follow me”
They run and run through the dark jungle. Yusuke can see the man with oni mask pursuing them, just few meters behind. Suddenly he can hear water flows. It’s a giant river running through mountain range - the blood moon reflection is bright and red making the water surface looks reddish and frightening”
“jump to the river, he can’t go there” the man says.
He can finally see the guy who helped him earlier. A samurai of sort, with shiny golden dragon mask covering his face. He gets more confused.
“this must be a dream. this must be a dream”
Yusuke keeps mumbling the words and before he knows it, the dragon masked man pushes him down to that river.


Yusuke opens his eyes. Last thing he remembered was the ice cold water. They did jump to the river and then he lost his consciousness. 

“I’m Hogho-Sha” the dragon mask offers his hand to help him up.
“Where am I? How did I get here?”
“You’re dead. This is the spirit land”

“what? no.. noo.. NOO..”
Yusuke shakes his head in denial.
“I’m dreaming. This is a nightmare”
“Call it whatever you want. Won’t change the fact that you’re dead”
The man sighs.

“You can stay here and keep questioning why, or you can start listening to me”
Yusuke sits in silence. All these things in the past few minutes are a bit too much for him.
“How?” he asks.
Hogho-sha throws him a water bottle made of a dried gourd. It looks like an ancient bottle he used to see in historical movies.
“drink it”
“but I’m not thirsty”“I’m not tired. In fact I don’t even feel a thing!”
“DRINK IT” the man raised his voice.
Yusuke gulps. He stares at the man, and with a trembling hand he pulls out the cork and drink the water. Everything becomes dark and he passes out again.

Yui & Rei: The Legend of Chochin Mask

Under the strong Edo-Japanese sun, a samurai pulled along his lover, running for their lives, away from their own kin: cursed by the Hunter, Chochin ghosts descended upon the village, attaching themselves like a hideous parasite, leeching off life off the villagers, turning them into mindless but aggressive minions.
Rei had heard of the evil spirit as a child, way before his training as a samurai even started, and in his mind, he only wished for the survival of his lover: the beautiful weaver Yui, hair as white as the winter snow and skin as fair as the ripest peach. So ran and ran the lovers, further and further away, into the domain of a celestial power.

Sensing a surge of dark powers, The Guardian manifested, a warrior radiating with power, charged with divine power to terminate his malicious counterpart: the Hunter. With a touch of his finger, both Chochins on Rei and Yui shrunk, drained of life, turning into ordinary masks. The Guardian warned them to keep it on as he will purify the villagers altogether with a mystical wall of flames, harmless to only people who were possessed or those who had the masks on; to all others it will be a fiery death.
As Rei and Yui sprinted to gain distance away from the Guardian, a wall of searing inferno shook the earth, expanding and picking up speed, as if with a life of its own. The mind-controlled villagers did not have the wits to avoid and the Chochins on them were instantly burnt to oblivion, turning into harmless masks. They cheered unharmed as the wall of fiery death rushed past them.
Unfortunately for Rei, his mask fell off and was trampled by his own weight. Yui gasped. The cleansing flames roared furiously, inevitable now. Yui took off her mask and slipped it onto Rei, locking him in one last embrace. As Rei fought to release his lover’s grip, the other-worldly flames covered both in unmeasurable pain as it swept through: Rei watched as Yui burned, little by little, her charred body unable to hold together anymore, falling into ashes.

He felt as if his heart was stomped by a beast; Rei choked, shocked to his core, and tears ran down his soot-covered face as the Guardian approached him for one last time.“End my misery, for my heart has died with the woman I love.” He begged, barely a whisper.
Chapter 1:
“Onii-san!, don’t forget to bring me some rice balls when you get back from work.”
“All right, Aiju. I’ll buy you some on my way back.” Eiji vaguely starts to remember his last words to his sister as he left their shack that morning. He knew his wage won’t be enough to buy some rice balls. Maybe he’ll work extra hours today, he thought.

He heard a scream. He looked up and saw a woman crouching down beside him, her face terrified and red with tears. He’s fully awake now. He’s on the ground and tried to get up when he felt an unimaginable searing pain on his back. He has been stabbed.
“What the hell happened?” Eiji tries to remember as he looked at the bag on his right hand. Ah yes, the rice balls he spent his entire wage for Aiju. Mr. @Debiru , his kind boss, gave him a little extra mon 文 for working the extra hours. On his way home, he saw a woman being harassed by a drunken man. Not thinking twice, he approached the two strangers.
“Please leave her alone.” He mumbled to the drunk. He was terrified but determined to always do what’s right. He firmly grabbed the woman by the wrist and led her away. “Just walk with me and don’t look back,” he whispered.
As they walk away, he felt the man running after them. But before he could even look back, Eiji felt a sharp pain as the drunk thrust a dagger on his back.

“It’s getting late. I’m sure Aiju is hungry. I need to get home.” He said as the woman’s screams are getting drowned by memories, good but mostly bad, swirl and spin in his mind. With the moon heavily covered with clouds, tonight is a very dark night, he thought to himself. He closed his eyes and saw the same darkness. What difference does it make?

Chapter 2:
Eiji woke up. It was really dark. He looked around the blue-tinged room and realized how massive the space really is. There’s a massive window to his left. The full moon is shining ever so brightly. He heard someone moved.
“Eiji,” a loud mighty voice called out to him.
Eiji felt the room vibrate. He looked at where the voice came from. He could make out a large creature sitting on a throne, amid the darkness.The moonlight is touching the creature a little bit, enough for him to see the creature’s large white fangs and the scales on its body.
“No, it can’t be! You are just a myth!.” Eiji shouted. When he was a child, his grandmother would always tell him the story of @wani , the god of lost spirits. Obaachan would say that Wani is a crocodile and she would always scare him that Wani will take him to the underworld if he misbehaves.
“I am real, Eiji.” Wani said in mighty but gentle voice.
“I don’t believe in gods! If gods are real, how can you be so cruel! A lot of people are suffering! You let my family suffer! You let ME suffer! And now Aiju is all alone!” Eiji held back his tears as he screamed.
The room began to shake again.

“But you are unlike the other humans, Eiji. I’m sorry to see you suffer so I had to end your life. I need you home.” Wani said in a milder tone. “But before that, I need you to help me. I have to send you to the underworld.”

Chapter 3:
Before, Eiji could speak back, he started to float and everything around him zoomed away and flew into nothingness. It was pitch black again and he heard an echo, “You are strong and kind, Eiji. Please save my lost spirits.”
It wasn’t long until Eiji found himself lying on the ground. His hands felt the damp grass. He stood up and saw nothing but a vast field of grass, a lake over the horizon and a mountain so unbelievably tall unlike any other he has seen in his hometown. But what struck him the most was the moon. It was bigger than usual and it was smeared with crimson. His grandmother would always say that bad luck comes with the blood moon.
He started to walk toward the direction of the lake. He walked and walked and walked but the moon never seemed to set. It was always night time in The Underworld. When he finally reached the lake, he thought how peaceful it must be to just end it there. He has suffered enough. Then, he heard a splash. He looked just quickly enough to see the tail of a scaly creature dove deep in the lake.
“Wani! Please wait! Why am I here? What am I supposed to do?” He screamed as he ran towards the lake.
As he stooped down the lake, he saw a reflection, but it wasn’t his. He found a Golden Dragon staring back at him. He suddenly felt something heavy came into his side. It was a katana with its Tsuka adorned with golden silk.
There was a loud thunder and with the ground shaking under his feet, he heard Wani one last time:

“Defeat the hunter!”
Phase 1
Set in 14th century.
Its about a man who called Genji. short hair, gloomy eyes and never look up. Surroundings are dark and quiet.
One step..Two step..
He still in the same place.
Its been a hundred years if he doesnt miscalculate. Do the same thing every day.
A day ? maybe its not.. what about a year ?
Trying to called back his memories but it didnt work. What is this place ? Is it afterlife ? what happen to me ? so many question in his head until he feel something different.
Someone coming! Who are you ?!
He step back and try find a place to hide.
Still silent.. The wind blows..
Time by time he start to realized its not right. Am i dead ? Is it afterlife ? same question
come again until.. "RUN"
Someone whispered.
He keep running with closed eyes. but when he opened his eyes, he still in the same place.
Someone trying to haunt him every time.
He have to find the way out but still dont get the answer..
Will genji pass through ?

Phase 2
Set in 15th century.

After a long journey finally he meet the great Kuro Kinko named Rena. Rena guide him to another place..
Still dark but there is a light in the end of road..What is that ? so calm..
is it GOD ? Both of them continue explore and follow the light.. SWOOSH!!
Something touch his hand..
Another hand.. Hurt but doesn't bleed..
He felt the same feeling as before..
IS IT YOU ?! Someone haunt him again..
He keep running till the light come closely..
A dragon ? no..
Are you human? GOD ?
That man doesn't say anything..
Genji step back.. he feels calm but still afraid.. hes very confused now.. Start to close his eyes and…
Hes is back to the same place when he first wake up..

Phase 3
Set in 13 century.

In his previous life genji was a blind samurai use Kuro Kinko mask and bring Akai Katana in his belt..He killed many villagers when he arrived. No one can beat him till one day the purple glow katana guy come..
They called him “The Hunter”
Battle begin but Genji lost his left hand during fight.. He lost..

Back to 15 century.Genji remember everything now..He wielding his katana and start to slash the Limbo..
The Guardian coming with his Golden Dragon mask with lot of Yurei behind him..
Most of the Yurei are villagers were killed by him before..

He walk forward and see Yurei’s are ready to fight with katana, staff, even hyotan.. Try to look back and The Hunter coming through..
Final battle begin..
With the greatest power of The Guardian and all the Yurei’s finally they can beat The hunter and broke his horn..
The Guardian call Genji and the others to go out from the Limbo with him..

What happen next ? Just wait for the key..
It was the silence that echoed the loudest, a reflection to our intentionally muted feelings. Though there were about a thousand of us around the shrine, sound didn’t seem to exist on that moonless night. Our memories were gifts, rewards, from Heaven. It allowed us to feel, something different than our regular longing hunger. The enhanced emotions are also crucial in helping us summon greater powers as we progress through each gates of the afterlife, with each subsequent stage demanding more retribution.

However, tonight was different. Typically, the gate keepers would lift our spiritual point blockers so we can begin to receive our memories before entering the next stage but instead it feels as if a weighted blanket has been placed over us. Suddenly, as subtle as light reflecting off water, 16 masked figures with cloaks of blood red clouds appeared in front of the afterlife gate. A breath later, a jarring transition of a fiery orange moon appeared. A yurei in a kiku robe and broken menpou mask emerged under this new angry moonlight. Although no one moved, you could feel the group recoil. The broken mask means a cursed spirit.

The Cursed One began to speak, the voice lilted but remained soft: “I’ve come to reclaim my journey. I’ve battled the Holy One for my memories, and won. Join me as I build a new path away from our constant groveling for forgiveness” . As the yureis began to stir in fear and excitement, the Cursed One threw her youto sword towards the blood moon. A scream of pain erupted from the Cursed One as black tendrils began to emerge from the youto sword and rip the fabric of this world. Glancing through the gaping wound that is throwing the universe into imbalance, a pathway made up of shadows appears. The Cursed One and 16 of the former afterlife gatekeepers went through the gash and disappeared into the darkness leaving the thousand spirits with a life changing choice.