Yurei: The Lost Spirit

Collection of 1111 (Spirit) inspired by Japanese folklore. Phase 1 of 3 phases. Phase 3 is minting now!

Yūrei, The Lost Spirits, is a collection of 1111 (spirit) inspired by Japanese folklore. All hand-drawn pieces with extreme passion. Yurei will give you access to our "underworld" a space for community to relax and escape reality, also you will meet artist from different background and ideas. Being part of this tight community will also grant you access to future drops and secret events.

Meet the Team

Yurei's Roadmap

Phase 1
- Start minting the Yurei project (Whitelist only) & OG .
- Minting will open to the public.
- Community event (1/1 Yurei piece for a charity auction).
Phase 2

- Tokyo Trip?!
- “The Phurba” to be claimed by the holders
- The Evolving Phurba cycle
- The Gate

Phase 3 (Joumeijin)

- The Phurba final form
- Use the key to guide Yurei from Limbo
- To pass the Gate you need Phurba & Yurei
- Web2 + Web3

Details and FAQ

When is mint? How many per wallet?

Mint for early access will be on the 24th of May and will last for 48 hours till 26th of May, Public Sale will start from 26th of May. We are giving all early access holders max 2 mints.

How much is mint?

Early Access mint is 0.03 ETH, Public Sale is 0.04 ETH

How many Yurei are there?

There are 1111 Yurei roaming the underworld, once they reach phase 3 the number will increase/decrease due to the discovery of "The Key".

What Chain is the project on?

Yurei is on the Ethereum Chain.